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It's Not All About The Money; Leave Principles Behind For Your Children Too

I actually believe money grows on trees.

There is more than enough to go around. However, I also believe that once this money is ripe and we pick it, it will evaporate like water if we spend it recklessly.

Many of us are so obsessed with leaving behind a financial legacy (me included). It really warms my heart to see us so passionate about leaving generational wealth for our current family and children’s children’s children. And while we should never let go of this zeal, there’s one thing that goes perfectly with our desire to leave behind a fortune. That thing? Leaving behind principles.

If I don’t know anything else, I know none of us lives forever. Once we depart, the only way to ensure the growth of those millions and billions we leave behind is to teach our beneficiaries how to grow money. And with the internalization of the right principles, the money will grow beyond your departure. You’ll have nothing to worry about.

In “The Wealthy Dreamer,” I tell the story of how I received a nice chunk of money at a young age, and in no time, I didn’t have a nickel, a dime nor a quarter left. If I’d internalized the following principles, that money would probably be tripled today.

Be curious

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it never hurt me. I want to know how things work. I want to know why they work. I want to know why they don’t work. You’ll learn in “The Wealthy Dreamer” that when I bought my first home, I was in my 20s. I’d never gone through the home buying process before, and if you’re a homeowner, you know it isn’t a walk in the park. Did this stop me? Of course not. I did what I know how to do very well, and that’s bombard the realtor with questions. Children must know that they should NEVER allow lack of knowledge to deter them from pursuing anything. All they have to do is ask questions and be faithful to their journey. Who they need and what they need will appear. With a curious nature, lack of knowledge won’t be the reason your kids don’t grow those millions into billions.

Sacrifice now, reap high returns later

I’ll never encourage all work and no play. What I do strongly believe in, however, is that when you sacrifice now, it works out in the end. It was a tough lesson, but I learned it through my dad once I landed my first job out of college. “The Wealthy Dreamer” transports you back to that time, and it shows you that though I fought in the beginning, I eventually saw that he was right in the end. It does pay off. Literally. When children internalize this principle at a young age, chances are, they carry it with them into adulthood, and it helps in building wealth.

Never waiver

Inheriting wealth is cool, but what happens if your child has dreams of their own they want to pursue? What if these dreams can turn into reality and build even more wealth? Kids must learn to never waiver. When the doubt appears, never waiver. When uncertainty becomes terrifying, never waiver. I always knew my gift. I always felt it in my spirit. I believed. By internalizing the importance of belief and persistence, children will have the tools necessary to build an empire of their own.

Mothers and fathers, it’s never enough to leave money for our kids. Though my dad was involved in every money move on my road to a million, the principles he left behind are what sustain me today. I talk about this and so much more in “The Wealthy Dreamer.” I hope you enjoy.

#ADGNF (A Daddy’s Girl Never Forgets)


Lynn Brishae

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