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Being successful is more than a self-produced title. Success is earned through hard work and consistent effort. Through trials and tribulations and tough love from the man she admired the most, Lynn rose to heights that only reside in the dreams of many. Her success is attributed to none other than her beloved Dad.   


Lynn’s Dad was a man who challenged her to be greater. He took her through the developmental stages to become more capable, competent and arguably more accomplished than he was. 

He taught her to own her solid role in leadership. 

While grooming Lynn for success, wealth, and financial freedom, he utilized the mistakes his daughter attempted to make and turned them into teachable moments. As Lynn grew older, these teachable moments served her well as she gained more knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of what success truly meant.


Travel with Lynn through the dirt roads of Florence, South Carolina to the big city lights of New York, and watch as she navigates through her life’s greatest adversities. Experience the excitement, grief, shame, and despair Lynn felt as she spent her first lump sum of money, and feel a sense of joy as you learn how Lynn became victorious in what seemed to be her demise.  Finally, allow Lynn to share with you the lessons that ultimately helped her build her million-dollar net worth.

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